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We are delighted to launch our new business ‘Activate Your Voice’.

We’ve opened our doors, put the kettle on and even baked a treat….so take a seat and come on a journey with us as you learn more about what we have to offer and see how we can help you excel.

Activate Your Voice was formed as a way of collaborating our skills, knowledge, and experiences into one place.

We are passionate about the speaking voice, the art of communication, using our voice as an instrument, the ability to utilise our voice to its full potential and using acting as a tool to incite change. The possibilities are endless, and we are super excited to share it all with you!

voice coaching work lessons for studio stage drama acting skills training
Speech, Vocal Enhancement, Drama, Acting and Oral Communication lessons

Janet, formerly a Primary School Teacher, had a huge passion for Speech and Drama and wanted to learn more. After gaining all the relevant qualifications, she decided to set up The Centre Stage Academy. That was over 15 years ago! Time really does fly!

This venture has gone from strength to strength. She started out teaching children Speech and Drama exams in her home in Cheshire before then teaching adults to speak clearer. She now coaches’ clients of all ages across all sectors, all over the world, online.

We all know too well the barrier we faced when Covid-19 approached, but Janet took it in her stride and saw it as an opportunity. An opportunity to open up her business to the world. You can read more about Janet and what she offers here.

As for myself, I am an actor, journalist, producer, presenter…all round creative…and I can now add coaching to my repertoire! I first assisted my Mum in building her business to what it is today, whether that was through my organisational skills or creative skills in marketing.

I was interested in learning more about the way a business was run, and the many areas Speech and Drama can benefit people. Whether it was helping people to speak clearer, give people more confidence or increase sales in a business…I noticed the never-ending possibilities and wanted to be a part of it.

Now, after training and working as an actor, I know all too well the struggle with finding the right pieces for auditions, the desire to achieve your goal, the painstaking process of audition after audition and the bag of nerves that goes along with it. So, I decided to put all that experience and knowledge into one place and offer it out to you! You can find out more about what I offer here.

voice coaching work lessons for studio stage drama acting skills training

Without further ado…we officially declare Activate Your Voice OPEN!

So, have a look around our new home and see what you think.You might even decide to stay a while…