A masterclass in vocal communication

Our 1-2-1 tuition covers all aspects of voice coaching and drama training, including the following:

Transforming your vocal repertoire

1-2-1 Tailored Vocal Coaching Online

All our lessons and courses are tailored to inspire and motivate you, as well as giving you confidence. We will provide the teaching you need to achieve your goals.

Online Voice Coaching Elocution Lessons - Activate Your Voice

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    Designed to enhance your vocal range

    Learning how to talk with clarity and confidence

    Elocution is the skill of clear and expressive speech, and we believe that it is an essential tool in today’s world. Our lessons provide you with exercises to improve the clarity of your speech, enhance your vocal delivery and improve the quality of your spoken voice.

    voice coaching work lessons for studio stage drama acting skills training
    voice coaching work lessons for studio stage drama acting skills training

    The centre for vocal excellence

    We help to refine your communication and engagement skills

    Activate Your Voice can help you develop your presentational skills so that, not only will your audience engage and want to listen, you will leave them feeling inspired. We will teach you the skills required to become a better public speaker.

    Corporate Coaching

    Teaching you to be confident in yourself

    Learn to enunciate clearly and confidently

    We offer individual tuition in Speech and Drama for all ages from six upwards. Sessions are offered with Janet, who is a fully qualified Speech and Drama teacher and DBS checked. She has over 30 years' experience of working with children and adults.

    Speech & Drama
    Actress acting voice training
    Presentation Skills Lessons and public speaking training Techniques
    Become confident in auditions

    We work with people from all walks of life:

    • Business clients who wish to speak clearer, authoritatively and with expression at work.
    • Those who mumble or speak too fast.
    • Individuals who wish to have more confidence and improve their vocal skills.
    • Those who want to create a connection and rapport with clients, colleagues or audience members through speech.
    • Non-native English speakers who have issues with pronunciation.
    • People who wish to soften their accent.

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    Are you ready to start your vocal journey and become a confident speaker?